Who are we?

In ancient Greece the word ‘philos’ was associated with friendship and loyalty. Founded by passionate entrepreneurs and based in the heart of Emerging Asia, Philos Corporation is a Promethean vehicle that operates and scales an emerging-market-focussed consumer platform consisting of three key divisions: healthcare, nutraceuticals and mHealth.

The Aspiring Middle Class

Lack of healthcare infrastructure, bad dietary habits and changing lifestyles are the key drivers of a surging demand for high-quality healthcare and consumer health products.

Our innovative platform aims to improve the accessibility and overall quality of life for the Aspiring Middle Class. By addressing the primary needs of this soaring consumer segment we have the opportunity to positively contribute to the lives of generations.

A focus on Emerging Asia

By 2030 it is estimated that Asia will be home to over 60% of the world’s middle classes. Spending on health-related products and services is expected to grow significantly faster in emerging markets versus growth in the developed world.

Operating from Emerging Asia and leveraging our infrastructure and network, we work together with energetic partners and leading industry experts. We are well positioned to make the most of this unique opportunity in time and space.

Boots on the battlefield

We use our Boots-on-the-Battlefield approach to roll out a world-class health platform across the region. Our deep understanding of emerging market operations enables us to adapt to challenging environments.

We believe in hands-on management while staying close to our end consumer. Our highly driven team members all have proven track records in cross-jurisdictional venture incubation.


Asia’s growth spurt in the last decades has mostly ignored the healthcare sector. As a result, the demand for quality services in our target markets is soaring. We are filling this gap by building and operating primary-care facilities. Our healthcare division employs over 1,000 healthcare professionals and already provides best-in-class service to millions of consumers.


As a result of rapid urbanisation, the disease burden in Emerging Asia is changing. Unhealthy diets and the adoption of sedentary routines are on the increase. Our nutraceutical division brings innovative products to market, thereby combatting deficiencies. This not only reduces the burden of chronic disease, but also combats soaring health costs for the Aspiring Middle Class.


We innovate mobile solutions that improve access to quality healthcare. Our mHealth division utilises Big Data to improve the life and health span of our consumers while reducing their overall health costs significantly. We have also added a SAAS component to our mobile platform, thereby providing third party healthcare providers access to “best-in-class” modus operandi.


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