Who are we?

In Ancient Greece, the word Philos was associated with friendship and loyalty. Founded by passionate entrepreneurs, Philos Corporation is a venture builder that incubates, operates, and scales healthcare, consumer health, and mHealth businesses across emerging markets.

The aspiring middle class

Lack of healthcare infrastructure, bad dietary habits and changing lifestyles are the key drivers of a surging demand for high-quality health products and services.

Our scalable business models aim to improve the accessibility, affordability and the overall quality of life for middle-class consumers. By building ventures that address the primary needs of this target segment we have the opportunity to deliver a contribution that will benefit generations.

Asia focus

By 2030 it is estimated that Asia will be home to over 60% of the world’s middle classes and it will account for over 40% of middle-class consumption. Spending on health-related products and services as well as the increase in income is expected to grow significantly faster in our target markets versus growth in the developed world.

Operating from Southeast Asia and leveraging our health infrastructure, we work together with diligent investors, energetic entrepreneurs and leading industry experts. We understand that this is our opportunity in time and space.

Boots on the battlefield

We use an execution-focused approach to incubate and scale world-class ventures in densely populated emerging markets. By understanding industry and consumer patterns in detail, we easily adapt to a variety of challenging environments.

In order to succeed, health-related businesses in our target markets require patient capital, deep operational expertise and access to high quality staff. We believe in hands-on management while staying close to the consumer. Our team members all have proven track records in cross-jurisdictional venture incubation and are driven by the opportunity to embark on a unique journey through life.


Emerging Asia’s growth spurt in the last decades has mostly ignored the healthcare sector. As a result, the demand for affordable high-quality healthcare solutions in growth markets is soaring. We are filling this gap by building and scaling primary healthcare infrastructures. Our clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies already provide access to best-in-class healthcare to millions of consumers.

Consumer health

The disease burden for people in growth markets is changing as a result of rapid urbanisation, unhealthy diets and the adoption of sedentary routines. Our ventures bring premium nutritional products to market, thereby combatting deficiencies while decreasing the burden of chronic disease and soaring healthcare costs. By re-engineering products and reinventing distribution infrastructures we are able to educate our consumers while building strong brands.


The mHealth sector in emerging markets is estimated to be worth US$ 16.5 billion by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 46%. In combination with soaring internet penetration rates and consumers becoming more comfortable using mobile devices for health-related services, the mHealth industry offers a fertile breeding ground for innovative ventures. By developing platforms that tap into the data that our existing brick-and-mortar businesses generate, we are uniquely positioned to improve access and health outcomes.


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